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this is hilarious, all of it. You are several hundred hours late on several rundowns...or has season 2 won you over?

Matt Maul

I've been so distractied by other things (read: life) that I've literally seen NO Season 2 episodes. What do you think? Should I?


I'm so glad I found you! I am so grateful to find a kindred spirit on this topic. Please, please, PLEASE do season 2. I am hate watching the hell out of this show and cannot believe people are enjoying this crap. I guess anything is possible in a world where Two and 1/2 men is still in production.

Anyway, here is what I wrote on the AV Club in response to the latest episode and about my feelings about the show in general: "I am not sure why I continue to watch this show. I think it is because I want to like it, but I just can't make myself. I hate, hate, hate the dialog. It is so unnatural, like a bunch of mono toned, quick thinking, know-it-all robots. This alone makes the show unbelievable and then, for me, it becomes just a boring, self-righteous, monologue. It's like a show about all the clever comebacks one comes up with ten minutes too late. What is the point?

Additionally, I am super liberal and as a liberal I am embarrassed that this show exists. It is so self-serving and aggrandizing that I want to puke. I hate to think that conservatives watch this show only to be proven right (in their mind) that liberals are arrogant, fantasy land, assholes.

Then there are the characters/ robots of clever that are equally unbelievable because they are all such paragons of wisdom and goodness. Maggie specifically drives me crazy. I don't understand how she is still employed by this network. She's obnoxious, relatively unqualified and ANNOYING. I don't understand how she is a love interest for anyone. She's gross, seemingly lacking in any real feeling besides a manufactured political opinion and ANNOYING. I don't understand why her mouth always looks like she's been sucking on a purple popsicle. Please let her be killed off soon.

The producer lady seems to know everything about everything (like all side effects of various medications and secret internal codes for military weapons) except how to send emails. Also she sure is compassionate with her staff. She gives them love advice and sends them on assignments just to ease their heartaches. What? In this episode she mocked the 1940's era newspaper trope, but in this context I thought it was painfully unfunny because this show IS that cliche only set in 2012 and starring Jeff Daniels.

There are other characters too and I don't care about any of them. Everyone is the same person whether it be the main characters or the extras. Everyone is super, super quick and clever. No one has a different cadence, or stutters, or even needs a second to think of a thoughtful reply. Everyone is always steadfastly correct and sure of themselves and of course, always right.

I think this show annoys me so much because it is the liberal equivalent of the conservative farmer good ole' days trope. I can't invest in the characters because they are so two dimensional and similar and I can't invest in the story lines because I already lived the better, real-world versions that were imperfect, but authentic and genuine."

Thanks again for this website and please keep up the good work.


If you guys hate the show so much, why the hell are you watching so much of it. This goes for both you and all the other people commenting. IF YOU DON"T LIKE THE SHOW, STOP WATCHING IT! I don't mind the show. Sure, it's pretty bad compared to a lot of series I've been watching, but I have to admit quite a few episodes really interested me. The opening sequence of the first episode was brilliant, I thought 5/1 was really intense, and the season 1 finale was great. There is some good dialogue in this show, even if the story isn't that great.


This show has at least created an audience that wants to learn more about what is really happening, and in the first season it actually pointed out things about the media that should be changed.

I read quite a bit of your posts on this "hate-blog" mainly because "hate-blogging is the new black" as you say, and I have to say, you are an absolute moron.

Continue to waste your time, or I see you stopped so maybe you have realized you are wasting your time already. If you do not like this show, then go find one you will enjoy, like The Bachelor, Wipeout, Bachelorette, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Deal or No Deal, Teen Mom, Honey Boo Boo, The Voice, America's Next Top Model/Chef/Wrestler/Singer/Bus Driver, or probably your personal favorite Jersey Shore.
My point is, at least there is a television show out there that is intriguing to some and makes the audience question things around them. If you have a problem with that, then go f*** yourself.

Matt Maul

Hey SurroundedById10ts! You made the blog!! Congrats.

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