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Will McAvoy

Congrats, this is the first google result for "Will McAvoy Hate".

Matt Maul

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Please stay Tuned. My reaction to the first two episodes of THE NEWSROOM will be up in a matter of hours (still pathetically late, I know).

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  1. Is this information we need in the voting booth?
  2. Is this the best possible form of the argument?
  3. Is the story in historical context?
  4. Is the crew applauding loud enough for Will McAvoy after every story?
  5. Is Mackenzie capable of sending an email?
  6. Is "Rudy" really a good movie?
  7. Is Christianity the root cause of EVERY bad thing or just MOST of them?
  8. Is Sloan a pyromaniac?
  9. Is "Veep" on tonight and do I have time to set my DVR?
  10. Is Will trying to put on his pants without help again?
  11. Is Leona Lansing really Playboy material?

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