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Olberman is a case unto himself. He has a history of being fired. So his rope is likely considerably shorter at the jump. Most expect him to fail. He's usually hired as a curiosity piece - what will this bozo do next? In some circles - even bad press is better than no press.

Weiner's dick is newsworthy.


This is the same sorry story that went around about Bret Favre, the quarterback. Once I saw the headlines - I'd had enough of the story. No need to follow it any further. Ditto for Weiner. Don't confuse tabloid fodder with news, my friend. I'm with Will and Mack on that one.

About Neal Sampat - I'm not crazy about what story lines Sorkin has created for him either. So on this topic, we are on the same page. Aliens, trolls, bigfoot. The one good story for Neal was the Egyptian source. So the question of why would Sorkin make this Neal's First Idea is really a good question.

Maybe Sorkin is just balancing - Sloan's insecurities and Neal's real world ineptitude. You know, one from column A and one from column B - for the sake of being balanced.

Matt Maul

"Don't confuse tabloid fodder with news, my friend. I'm with Will and Mack on that one." Again, a Congressman lying to the press IS a story. Sure, there's a sensational element to the coverage (as with the Larry Craig scandal). BUT it is news. That said, I'm a bit more on board with Will and Mackenzie regarding the Casey Anthony type stories.

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  1. Is this information we need in the voting booth?
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  5. Is Mackenzie capable of sending an email?
  6. Is "Rudy" really a good movie?
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  11. Is Leona Lansing really Playboy material?

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