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Hi Matt - my recap is finally up for you to offer some anti-Sorkin comments to.

I think we both have issues about how Sorkin deals with Mackenzie. So we agree on that.

But as for the envelope Charlie Skinner placed on the table at the meeting for Will's firing. Tom Cruise, as Lt Daniel Kaffee played the same cards in A Few Good Men with the tower log book that he waved around but never used. And the two airmen from Andrews who he brought into the courtroom and never called them to testify. It was the threat, that ultimately led to Col. Jessup's self-incriminating statements. Of course, Jessup took a while to crack.

He didn't rollover like Reese did in a minute and half. So yeah, not only was the firing of Will never going to succeed, but the scene itself was flat and lifeless. Had no fire and no passion. Not only that, they used Leona's speech, You were very good, and you're fired in all the promos. I would have held that back - ESPECIALLY since we knew what kind of ammo Charlie had - but Leona didn't.

I too was definitely uninspired by the season long Jim and Maggie and Don triangle which became a quadrangle with Lisa, and might even develop another side with Sloan.

So yes the show was flawed but where we differ is that I definitely liked the show and you definitely hated it.


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