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I thought the whole scene in the dress shop was not only cringeworthy but far too long.

Neal is eager about everything he does. I don't think he has a built in regulator that makes him slow down about anything.

I'm not sure about the Arkin role as Adam Roth either. He offers that he and Will worked together back when. Which is okay to do. Sort of like vouching for Will. The question of whether Sorkin has him in the show 'as a sympathetic Republican' is a fair question by you - but I think his role was created to oppose the Tate Brady character. And the method was that cherry picked softball question to Bachmann which Roth/Arkin displayed on the laptop. Maybe Adam Arkin is a Sorkin friend and that's why. The character could have been played by any actor.

Matt Maul

Sorry I was a tad unclear. I didn't have a problem with Arkin per se (as you say ANY actor could have played him).

It was the cherry-picked clip -- that hardly was representative of the actual GOP debates which were rather combative -- leading to manufactured Roth/McAvoy eye rolling moment that rang so false.

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